Crazy of love

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In nature the males do their best to please their ladies. This includes elaborates dances, complex structures and songs. Sexual selection resulted in the evolution of the most strange things with the single goal of having sex. In evolutionary terms there is no meaning in living ten thousand years, if we don´t leave an offspring. In the next five posts we will see my favourite examples of what organisms do to get there.
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1- Love is in the air everywhere I look around…
Pheromone is the name given to the chemical substances that act on animal communication. It works like our talks, a sender produces a message that reaches a receiver able to comprehend its meaning. Only in this case the message smells, doesn’t sound.
Many animals use pheromones for mating: dogs, snakes, bugs and termites are just a few examples. But perhaps no animal gets to the extreme of the Actias luna moths. This moth inhabits North America and releases its perfume on the air. The male is capable of sensing the female 5 km away, even with obstacles like the trees of a forest. For this the moth uses its special ramified antennas.

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