Cavalos – China

Inscrições em bronze da dinastia Tang (618-907).

Inscrições em bronze da dinastia Zhou/Chou ocidental (séc. X A.C.-771 A.C.)

“Here we see that the legs and the body have been reduced to conventionalized lines, but the eye has grown to truly enormous proportions. It is obvious that the scribes of the Western Zhou had finally done for the horse what they had already done centuries
earlier for the goat/sheep and the bovine, namely, they had taken one part (the eye in the case of the horse, the horns in the case of the sheep/goat and cattle) to stand as the most salient identifying characteristic of the animal.”

“The Horse in Late Prehistoric China.” In Prehistoric Steppe Adaptation and the Horse, edited by Marsha Levine, Colin Renfrew, and Katie Boyle, pp 163-187. Cambridge: McDonald Institute.
da referência – págs. 175 e 176

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