No final é só o que resta

tumblr_kopdl3UCJq1qzn7g8o1_500.jpgNo final é só o que resta.
Afinal desde o começo que já cá estava.
Apenas levemente suspensa, pela outra.
Mas sempre presente.
A única companheira.
No arrastar dos dias, tapada entre outras neblinas, é a única certeza.
Ou quase.
Olhamos o céu, o mar, ou espelho, e ei-la.
Julgamo-nos maiores que ela porque a pensamos e reconhecemos.
Maiores que todas as vidas que nos rodeiam e que temporariamente a encobrem.
Sozinhos com ela.
“(..) workers of the ant Temnothorax unifasciatus dying from fungal infection, uninfected workers whose life expectancy was reduced by exposure to 95% CO2 and workers dying spontaneously in observation colonies exhibited the same suite of behavior of isolating themselves from their nestmates days or hours before death. Actively leaving the nest and breaking off all social interactions thus occurred regardless of whether individuals were infected or not. Social withdrawal might be a commonly overlooked altruistic trait serving the inclusive fitness interests of dying individuals in social animals.”

«”When Pansy lay down in a nest that one of the other apes had made, the rest gathered around her and began grooming and caressing her. Shortly before she died, all three crouched down and inspected her face very closely. They then began to shake her gently. “It is difficult to avoid thinking that they were checking for signs of life,” said Anderson.
“After a time, it seemed that the chimpanzees arrived at a collective decision that she had gone. Two left immediately, but one, the other adult female, stayed and held her hand,” said Anderson.»

Heinze, J., & Walter, B. (2010). Moribund Ants Leave Their Nests to Die in Social Isolation Current Biology, 20 (3), 249-252 DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2009.12.031
Magdalen of the night light, Georges de La Tour

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