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Integrado no Third International Palaeontological Congress (IPC3), vai realizar-se no próximo dia 30 de Junho, o Simpósio de Palaeontological Data Analysis, com os keynote speakers Philipp Mitteroecker e David Polly.
Este simpósio é organizado por Norman MacLeod.
Aqui a lista das comunicações orais, a qual integra um trabalho meu.
Comunicações Orais
Data Analysis Session (AM)
Martinez-Perez, Botella, Cascales-Minana
Large-scale palaeontologial data analysis of the conodonts fossil history
Aguirre, Donato, Richiano, Farinati
Molluscan palaeobiodiversity and palaeobiogeography: Pleistocene and Holocene interglacial assemblages from Bonaerensian and Patagonian littoral (sw AUantic)

Polly – Keynote Presentation

Quantitative approaches to geographic variation: environment, palaeophylogeography, and ecometrics
A likelihood approach to detecting extinction selectivity
Developmental morphological disparity: a brief overview
Discontinuities and disparity of the Palaeozoic plant fossil record: a global multivariate analysis
Louys, Meloro, Elton, Ditchfield, Bishop
Quantitative approaches in palaeosynecology: correlating community structure with habitats
Corfe,Harjunmaa, Seiffert, Boyer, Saila, Jernvall
Quantitative developmental tinkering and soft-tissue 3D nano-CT scanning offer developmental insight into palaeontologicaI phylogenetics
Markov, Naimark
The Phanerozoic history of the latitudinal diversity gradient in the marine realm
Turrero, Arbizu, Garcia-Vazquez
The oldest palaeontologists: on using our ancestors as involuntary samplers for palaeontological studies
Ataabadi, Eronen, Liu, Karme, Fortelius
A method for visualization of similarity/disparity analysis
Morphometric Session (PM)
Atwood, Sumrall, Mckinney
Discriminating blastoid species using 3D morphometrics
Hernesniemi, Blomstedt, Kasimir, Fortelius
Multi-view stereo 3D reconstruction of the lower molars of recent and north-western European Pleistocen rhinoceroses for the purpose of mesowear analysis
Mitteroecker – Keynote Presentation
Measuring modularity and morphological integration: examples from hominoid cranial morphology
Rodrigues, Estadella, Mateu-Figueras, Thio-Henestrosa
Limbs in compositional morphospaces: previous and new approaches
Discrimination between three pleistocene Astarte species (Bivalvia, Astartidae): morphometric and taxonomic implications
Morphological change through time in pterotrigonia (trigonioida – bivalvia) from Picun Leufu Formation (Lower Cretaceous, Neuquen Basin)
A hypersherical theoretical morphospace for molluscan shell forms
Aguirre, Perez, Farinati
Morphometric analyses of Mactra linne (Bivalvia) trom the marine Quaternary of Argentina (southwestern Atlantic)
Marquart, Norman
The bare bones of it: does morphometric analysis of osteological variation in the skulls of extant crooodilians give biologically congruent definitions of inter and intraspecific variation?
What’s on the carnivores menu 2 million years ago? Multiple evidences from mandibular form
Whiteman, Carleton, Hunt
Wisdom teeth: a study of morphological variation of woodrat (Neotoma) molars using geometric morphometrics

Abstracts: A draft abstracts volume is now available as a pdf file

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