Entre os 36 e os 38ºC…

ResearchBlogging.org…era a temperatura corporal dos dinossauros, pelo menos de alguns.
Estes dados foram obtidos através de termometria isotópica, onde se analisa a composição química dos dentes e daí inferindo estes parâmetros fisiológicos.
Demais informação apenas quando tiver acesso ao artigo…
The nature of the physiology and thermal regulation of the nonavian dinosaurs is the subject of debate. Previously, arguments have been made for both endothermic and ectothermic metabolisms based on differing methodologies. Here, we used clumped isotope thermometry to determine body temperatures from the fossilized teeth of large Jurassic sauropods. Our data indicate body temperatures of 36 to 38°C, which are similar to most modern mammals. This temperature range is 4 to 7°C lower than predicted by a model that showed scaling of dinosaur body temperature with mass, which could indicate that sauropods had mechanisms to prevent excessively high body temperatures being reached due to their gigantic size.”

Eagle, R., Tutken, T., Martin, T., Tripati, A., Fricke, H., Connely, M., Cifelli, R., & Eiler, J. (2011). Dinosaur Body Temperatures Determined from Isotopic (13C-18O) Ordering in Fossil Biominerals Science DOI: 10.1126/science.1206196

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