Dom José, excommunicate me!

This is the english version of a post written in portuguese, which can be found here.

The excommunication of the medical team – including the doctor, the nurses, and other staff of the surgical room – that performed the abortion, with legal consent, in the nine-years old child that was pregnant after being raped by her stepfather by Olinda’s archbishop dom José Cardoso Sobrinho, is still generating a huge debate in the media.
The succession of absurd is endless: the lawyer of Olinda Archdiocese, Márcio Miranda, plans to sue the girl’s mother over homicide because she authorized the abortion. The Vatican agreed with the decision of the Archbishop, which includes the non-excommunication of the stepfather.
I write this text to denounce the silence of Pernambuco’s Regional Medicine Council (CREMEPE) and to claim for an urgent position from the Institution. At the moment, only the Physician’s Syndicate has made an official statement. A Medicine Council has the obligation to represent their associates, even if an excommunication is an insignificant matter. Just the international repercussion of the case and the whole debate in the press would be enough for that. The image above is from a play organized by CREMEPE in order to increase public awareness about a public health problem (children abuse), specially in Recife’s area. In solidarity with Sérgio Cabral, the doctor in charge of the medical center and his whole staff that saved this child’s life, I sincerely request to be excommunicated. Excommunication is a public punishment, a mark, a label, almost a damnation, but – in this case – it became a symbol of the misery of our society and the poor state of our institutions. If fighting inequalities and injustices are worth of excommunication, I want to be excommunicated now. For this reason Spinoza is one of my greatest idols: he was excommunicated from two religions!
Dom José, for God´s sake, excommunicate me!

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