Webinar – Renewable Energy for Electricity Generation in Latin America

Webinar – Renewable Energy for Electricity Generation in Latin America   Market, Technologies and Outlook

Date : Friday, May 6, 2011 – 16:00

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Latin America
 has significant history of use renewable energy resources. The use of these resources in the region has been made through large hydroelectric power plants. However, there is enormous potential for wider use of new renewable energy sources: small hydro plants, wind, solar, geothermal. Currently, these renewable electricity production technologies (not considering large hydroelectric plants) contribute with only 2.5-5% of the existing installed capacity in the countries studied.

This webinar presents the results of a study about the status and current trends of expanding the use of small hydro plants, wind, solar, geothermal in six Latin American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela and Central America in a more aggregated manner. The study analysed the countries’ power sector expansion plans up to 2020-30, current regulation and the presence of relevant stakeholders committed to renewable electricity generation.

The work was conducted by the International Energy Initiative, IEI, a Southern-conceived, Southern-led and Southern-located South-North partnership, an NGO with offices in Brazil and India.

About the speaker : Gilberto de Martino Jannuzzi is a Ph.D. by Cambridge University, professor of the Energy Department of the Mechanical Engineering Faculty (FEM) of the Campinas State University (UNICAMP), executive director of the International Energy Initiative, and coordinator of many energy and environmental projects in Brazil and abroad.

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Professor Titular em Sistemas Energéticos do Departamento de Energia, Faculdade de Engenharia Mecânica da UNICAMP (Universidade de Campinas), Pesquisador Sênior do Núcleo Interdisciplinar de Energia da UNICAMP (NIPE-UNICAMP). Diretor Executivo da International Energy Initiative-IEI, uma pequena, organização não-governamental internacional, independente e de utilidade pública conduzida por especialistas em energia, reconhecidos internacionalmente e com escritórios regionais e programas na América Latina, África e Ásia. O IEI é responsável pela edição do periódico Energy for Sustainable Development, da editora Elsevier.

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