Infinite Monkeys – a game about probability


This looks like a simple block drag game, in which we must take the monkey to the banana using the arrow keys on the keyboard. However, the whole scenario is formed by chance and there is no previous guarantee of a solution to any challenge. For this reason the player has an additional resource, which are the “infinite monkeys”. Pressing C the player creates a monkey that moves randomly, so we have an application for the result of Mathematics known as The Infinite Monkey Theorem.

The theorem proposes that if infinite monkeys type at random on typewriters, they will produce all works of literature. Similarly, for a sufficiently large number of monkeys to move randomly in a game scenario, if it has a solution, it is unlikely that any monkey will find it. In this way, the more monkeys we enter into the challenge, and no solution is found, we reinforce the hypothesis that the challenge is impossible.

But beware! The more monkeys you have on the team, the more prizes (the banana) will be shared, that is, with infinite monkeys we are sure that if there is a solution, they will find it, however the portion of the banana that each one will receive will be equivalent to none. banana.

Arrow keys on the keyboard move the main monkey;
C creates new monkeys;
D erases the created monkeys;
Z restarts the challenge.
Click on the green flag to start, good fun 🙂

If the game has not loaded, access it at:

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