Prof. Amulya Kumar N Reddy (Amulya)

This is to share the sad news that Prof. Amulya Kumar N Reddy (Amulya)
passed away on May 07, 2006, at Bangalore.

Amulya together with his colleagues: Goldemberg, Johanssen and Williams (known as the gang-of-four) authored the book Energy for a Sustainable World that quickly became a landmark in the energy thinking of our time.

I first met Amulya when I was a PhD student in my early 20s at a conference in the cold and remote Inverness, Scotland. His figure, gentle manners and, specially his paper on a detailed energy analysis of an unheard and remote poor Indian village, stroke me profoundly and provided a sharp contrast to my ideas at that time about energy, development and environment. Things were never the same again.

I ended up eventually becoming the executive-director of the International Energy Initiative, a Southern-conceived, Southern-led and Southern-located South-South-North partnership. It is a small, independent, international non-governmental public-purpose organization, founded by the gang-of-four and presided by him over several years.

We all will miss Amulya’s sharp mind, soft voice and strong ideas about how energy should contribute to development. He gave voice to those that can now use better fuels for cooking and electricity for their homes. There is still a long way to go and we will keep on his good work.

You may wish to visit the web site prepared by Prayas Energy Group, Pune in October 2005, on the occasion of Amulya’s 75th birthday. This site ( has a collection of about 150 of his over 290 publications in the areas of Technology, Energy and Ethics.

You can also visit the International Energy Initiative web site and the Latin American IEI regional office site for more information.



Professor Titular em Sistemas Energéticos do Departamento de Energia, Faculdade de Engenharia Mecânica da UNICAMP (Universidade de Campinas), Pesquisador Sênior do Núcleo Interdisciplinar de Energia da UNICAMP (NIPE-UNICAMP). Diretor Executivo da International Energy Initiative-IEI, uma pequena, organização não-governamental internacional, independente e de utilidade pública conduzida por especialistas em energia, reconhecidos internacionalmente e com escritórios regionais e programas na América Latina, África e Ásia. O IEI é responsável pela edição do periódico Energy for Sustainable Development, da editora Elsevier.

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