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Kenyan Conservation TV Show


A few years ago I saw a Brazilian anthropologist observed that at the beginning of the internet, one of the most exciting things was the possibility to have information about places we never thought, places we don┬┤t have any kind of information. For him, for example, the possibility to read a newspaper from Nepal, pictures from Malawi or hear songs from Brunei was nice information that the Internet could bring to people. But, in his opinion, in the end, what we are doing with the Internet is to close ourselves in bubbles of similar people like us, people who think like us and not seeing and discovering the diverse and simple curiosities about the world we live. And I think he is quite right, how often do you see or look for news from different places outside of your city, your neighbor or your side of the globe? If it doesn┬┤t become viral you only have access to the same sources of information from the same part of the world.

If you like conservation and people behind it, to help you to see something different from NatGeo documentaries or Netflix series I present to you Wildlife Warriors. This TV series from Kenya has Paula Kahumbu as host to show you people in this country who are fighting to preserve the wildlife. Paula Kahumbu is a Kenyan wildlife conservationist with a PhD at Princeton and since 2014 has spearheaded the hard-hitting Hands Off Our Elephants Campaign.

In this first season (I hope they will have more) you will see stories not only about the big five (elephants, rhinos, lions, buffalos, and leopards), but you will also see stories about turtles, wild dogs, snakes, grevy┬┤s zebras and guinea fowls. Of course they have an episode on elephants and other on rhinos, but you will get to know more about the people in the field who are fighting and living to protect those animals and their habitat.

In this episode about Grevy┬┤s zebras you can see how is a life of a research in the field and how technology is helping this unique species.

If you want to know more about the production, Paula Kahumbu wrote about here and here.

I┬┤m Claudia, a Brazilian environment geologist writing about environment and sustainability since 2007 in my blog, after 12 years I decided to write something in English.