Transforming a proof into blocks – part 3

We have already decomposed the demonstration, created little blocks, but the main thing is missing… getting it ready so that someone can use this material.

In the upper left corner of the Arrasta o X screen, you will see 3 icons (a balloon, a book and a chest). These are user-clickable icons that will respectively show “the utterance to be demonstrated”, “prior knowledge that can be used in the demonstration” and “the original demonstration”.

Open each of the actors and edit their “costume” by adding the respective text from your demo to each of these icons. To demonstrate the infinite primes I chose, I created the following screens with the user in mind. I preferred to keep the original demonstration instead of the simplified version, because I believe that varying the words helps to make your reading closer to the common one.

All done, we can then share the project. This will generate a link to your demo, so anyone can try to solve it by putting the blocks together! In case, you can try to solve the demo that I put together while writing this post at this link:

The cool thing about this software is that if you create a REMIX version of my project and then share it, it will automatically be linked to the original project and with that I can know the scope that this work is reaching and you can even collaborate by adding more demos available to the project . But if all this step-by-step has seemed too tiring to try to do the same, you can open my portfolio of demonstrations with blocks to practice or to send to your students as exercises 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post, any questions about the Arrasta o X project, you can send an email to

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Cover image adapted from the meme known as “sayori drake meme”

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