Atalia’s Adventure – A Heartfelt RPG Narrative – Part 6

Atalia wakes up scared, because she didn’t realize she had slept. She can still be seen there, next to the bone. She was worried, but she felt that she had nowhere to run, so she decided to try again to offer her services to passers-by, and maybe even move away. She went about her day with a listening ear, and after accomplishing the basics for her well-being, her anxiety led her to sift through the ashes again, this time more carefully and more systematically.

He drags beam by beam and takes everything he finds out of there. With every bone she finds, a more certain feeling that this person, or people, were killed there. But she goes on her mission, until she hears the sound of horses again. Full of ashes, she takes her makeshift hoe and runs to the road, this time it was a well-equipped and ornate wagon, Atalia had seen few of these, just transporting very well dressed people in the castle where she worked, when she saw the girl on the road, the wagon slows down and stops beside you.

  • Test time! The wagon driver, accompanied by another guy, approached her, questioning in an authoritarian and imposing way who she was and what she was doing there. Atalia didn’t know who those people were, but the direct way they questioned her put too much pressure on her to answer. From 0.01 – 0.20 Atalia manages to remain calm and explain that she was traveling on foot and was looking for somewhere to work, from 0.21 – 0.50 Atalia explains herself nervously by saying that she was hungry, she was looking for work and landed nearby, from 0.51 – 1.00 Atalia, showing fear, said in a trembling voice that she was hungry, fleeing her old home and wanted help: 0.04.
  • Result: The guy who accompanied the driver complained about the strong smell coming from her, and asked what she knew how to do.

  • Test time! Atalia, faced with this tense situation, tries to convey the best possible image of herself. From 0.01 – 0.30 she apologizes for the bad smell and introduces herself as an experienced stable cleaner, but who would be willing to work in whatever was necessary, from 0.31 – 0.60 Atalia is disconcerted by the situation and explains that she used to work cleaning stables and that now could also plow the land, presenting her hoe, from 0.61 – 1.00 Atalia loses her composure saying she would work with whatever they need, and asks if they can give her some food: 0.92.
  • Result: The guy who accompanied the conductor looks at the girl with some curiosity, and then takes a piece of bread from his bag and throws it on the floor. Atalia hadn’t seen anything like bread for several days, she was hungry and without hesitation she thanked him by bending down to eat it, ignoring that it had fallen to the ground. The guy and the driver continue on the road while she was distracted by that bread.

Tears of happiness flowed from Atalia’s eyes, because she was dying for that flavor. At the same time, she was sad that she had again failed to get a job opportunity. Perhaps her current condition was too deplorable for anyone to trust having her around. She didn’t know what else to do, ask for help, seek shelter, because when reliving the flavor of a baked bread, eating what she found in the bush became more difficult. Her palate now seemed to be asking for more of it. Not knowing what to do, she decided to give herself a little more time, returning to the rubble where she lived and continued searching the ashes, hoping to find, who knows, some object that she could exchange for another bread.

He kept taking everything he found from the ashes, feeling a certain shudder whenever he came across another bone, but he kept gathering it, because he also felt that there wasn’t much to do there. He removed those ashes from there for an entire afternoon, finding only wood, bones, a few broken pieces of clay until he came across a small piece of sharp metal that looked like the tip of a dart.

  • Test time! Apparently there was nothing much about that object, but Atalia felt something strange coming from it. From 0.01 – 0.10 Atalia starts to see a subtle bluish glow coming from that tip, from 0.11 – 0.50 Atalia feels a hostile vibration from that object, from 0.51 – 0.90 Atalia feels that that tip could be related to those bones, from 0.91 – 1.00 Atalia ignores it for complete any relationship to that object: 0.61.
  • Result: Atalia keeps analyzing that end, imagining what could have happened. She was more certain than before that someone had been killed there, and maybe that was the weapon, a fired dart.

It was already getting dark when Atalia remembered her little insect, which, strange as it may seem, was still there in the same place where she left it earlier that day. She is curious about this insect, calls it, and it comes at once. She asks him to turn on her light, and he does. She draws some circles on the ground with the tip of her dart and asks him to go to a certain circle, and he does so. Atalia is really excited about it all, not understanding what was happening, but feeling the taste of discovery and adventure. Even if her situation was miserable, she was hungry, dirty, tired, and dying to eat good, cooked, and seasoned food, she felt that she had found something new in the world and that it gave her a certain will to stay alive.

During the night, in the middle of the cold, he thought of going after other fireflies, spotting them in the darkness, he ran quickly to try to capture them. He managed to bring with her another little insect, which, unlike hers, was very agitated and seemed to insistently want to escape. She held him and asked him to stay calm, to behave himself, believing she could talk to him, make him obedient like the other. Keeping him close to her hands until he behaved better, she tried to give orders similar to that insect, but he didn’t seem to obey her at all, she tried several and several times, without understanding why it didn’t work. Throughout all this effort, weariness came and made her fall asleep.


Name: Athalia, daughter of Galieu from the region of Farhes
Appearance: Mixed Indian/European
Age: 16 years old
Profession: Wanderer
body clothes
makeshift hoe
dart tip
poor health
strong odor
don’t feel disgusted
Not bothered by odors
likes to be alone
strong health
Affinity with animals
agile and flexible
language of the dead
Reanimate Coleoptera
Duchess of Mancini

General tests are more than enough

As I mentioned in previous texts on this adventure, I tried to work at school during my PIBID with RPG games. But one of the main problems he encountered was the reduced time to incorporate a complex set of rules and systems functioning. After some frustrating attempts to bring RPG to school, I realized that an alternative would be to reduce the confrontation scenario. That is, that the battle should be removed from the set of actions typical of that scenario, since fights, combats and duels involve meticulous, high-risk decisions that are very difficult to model correctly.

To better explain this context, when I play online chess the system determines my rating in relation to other players. If I often beat 1100 rated players but lose to 1300 rated players then the system determines my rating to be in the 1200 range. , both under conditions of equivalent time, energy and attention. It’s fair to say that winning or losing this match should be around 50% for each player.

If two armored knights decide to face each other, both rested, with the same level of training, weapons and equipment in similar qualities and with similar physical conditions, it is also fair to say that the victory or defeat in this fight will be around 50% for each knight .

There really isn’t anything to be decided by the player in the midst of combat that cannot be determined in a context prior to the start of combat. It will not be in a fork situation, that I will decide to sacrifice my queen in an attempt to advance a mate, which will make my chance of victory increase or decrease from that initially estimated. All of this will still be at that initially estimated probability.

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