Atalia’s Adventure – A Heartfelt RPG Narrative – Part 8

The next morning, Atalia is woken up by the lady, saying that the sun is starting to rise. Atalia’s whole body was aching, but for the first time in days, she felt that she had actually had a restful night’s sleep. If she gets up, she takes her pendant, her fireflies and was about to get her hoe, when the lady scolds her, saying that it was not yet time to plow the land, that it was to leave it there. Atalia obeys and accompanies her.

That morning Atalia helps the lady, along with three other girls, to prepare the table, obeying everything that is instructed to her, when the table is already ready, the hall soon fills up, and everyone starts to eat, including Atalia, who delights with the taste of that morning meal. In the hall is the vice-captain who sees Atalia helping the lady, eats quickly and soon leaves.

After everyone has eaten, the hall is emptying and Atalia, along with the lady and the other three girls, continue to clean the place. Atalia takes the opportunity to eat the remains of the bread that they left on the table while she was cleaning. After that, the lady asks if Atalia would like to learn to plow? Atalia replies yes, and the lady follows her, picking up her hoe and taking it outside the fortress. There she introduces Atalia to another gentleman, much younger than the one on the previous day, and says to see if this girl was good for anything plowing the land. The lord welcomes her and explains what Atalia must do, and she obeys.

Shortly after starting to plow the land, she sees the vice-captain riding quickly along the road, returning to the fortress. After a whole morning working, they hear a bell and everyone stops there, telling Atalia that it was time to eat. Atalia follows the group to the hall where she had breakfast, there was also the vice-captain, Atalia had just taken her portion, when the vice-captain approaches her saying that she needed to talk to her immediately, that she could take her meal to eat while talking. Atalia complies and follows the vice-captain to the place where he has booked to meet her. Arriving there, the vice-captain leaves her at a table, and says go get some papers.

  • Test time! Atalia sits down to eat, a little apprehensive about what she felt yesterday. From 0.01 – 0.80 Atalia does not hear the door being locked, from 0.81 – 1.00 Atalia hears the door being locked: 0.80.
  • Result: Atalia ate happily after a whole morning at work, and after long days eating badly. The sound of her chewing drowned out lighter sounds, so she didn’t notice that the door behind her had been locked after the vice-captain left.

In that room there were several weapons, swords, crossbows, shields, spears, while eating Atalia watched them.

  • Test time! From 0.01 – 0.10 Atalia starts to perceive different bluish tones in these weapons, from 0.11 – 0.30 Atalia starts to feel different types of vibrations around these weapons, from 0.31 – 0.60 Atalia starts to feel a dark aura when looking at these weapons, from 0.61 – 1.00 Atalia doesn’t notice anything strange about them: 0.84.
  • Result: Atalia continues eating, without suspecting anything.

Finishing the meal, Atalia remains seated waiting for the return of the vice-captain, she was apprehensive about the subject she wanted to talk about, and maybe because of the memory of how he changed his expression the day before.

  • Test time! The room was silent and Atalia awaited the vice-captain’s return with some anxiety. From 0.01 – 0.90 Atalia hears the door being unlocked, from 0.91 – 1.00 Atalia does not hear the door being unlocked: 0.53.
  • Result: Atalia hears the door being unlocked, and soon fixes her gaze in her direction.

For a moment, Atalia is surprised to see an Indian girl with long hair similar to hers, opening the door, but she doesn’t understand exactly what she sees, because in a flash she realizes that it wasn’t actually the vice-captain entering the room. The vice-captain looks tired wearing a black cape, as if he’s been running. He apologizes for making her wait, and says he needs her to do him a favor by delivering a message.

  • Test time! Atalia feels doubts about her own perception and suspicious of the context as a whole. From 0.01 – 0.15 Atalia is sure of what she saw when she opened the door and is reluctant to accept what he asks, from 0.16 – 30 Atalia thinks she may have been wrong about what she saw, but is reluctant to accept what he asks, from 0.31 – 0.50 Atalia suspects this context and looks for an excuse to refuse, from 0.51 – 75 Atalia suspects this context but accepts the request, from 0.76 – 1.00 Atalia immediately accepts: 0.39.
  • Result: Atalia says that she was supposed to help that lady with a very important task, that she couldn’t keep her waiting, but that soon she would take her message.

The vice-captain gets angry, breathing forcibly calm, when he repeats that this task is of paramount importance, giving his own black cloak for Atalia to wear, also handing her a dagger, saying that it is good that she has something to defend herself with whenever he left the fortress, and getting a bag ready with various things that he found in the room and handing it to her, along with a paper with various things written, saying that he needed her to deliver it to a man named Jonas, who stayed at the mill next to North exit of that fortress.

  • Test time! As she handed the cloak and dagger to Atalia, there was a dark feeling in the air, just as she felt that dart point she had turned into a pendant. From 0.01 – 0.15 you see a bluish tint in these objects, from 0.16 – 0.40 you start to feel different types of vibrations around these objects, from 0.41 – 0.60 you feel a dark aura in these objects, from 0.61 – 1.00 you don’t notice anything strange: 0.34.
  • Result: Atalia feels something heavy in this cloak and this dagger, but despite not being able to explain exactly what it is, she is sure that they are vibrating in a strange way.
  • Test time! Atalia is in a distressed situation, her heart is in despair, she feels that there is something very wrong there, she looks for a way to react to that, while she sees the vice-captain hurriedly finish getting that bag of things ready for her to take, she feels that her life is at risk again and there is nothing she can do. From 0.01 – 0.10 Atalia starts to see clear blue tones in the objects around her, from 0.10 – 0.30 Atalia faints, from 0.31 – 0.50 Atalia starts to feel very nauseous, low blood pressure, panic, wheezing, from 0.51 – 0.70 o malaise remains, but she manages to obey the vice-captain, from 0.71 – 1.00 she contains her malaise and obeys the vice-captain: 0.97.
  • Result: Atalia wears the black cape, amateurishly puts the dagger in her waist, receives that bag from the vice-captain and follows to obey his instructions.

Atalia apprehensive, leaves the room carrying that bag, and walks following the instructions given by the vice-captain. There seems to be a stir in the fortress. Atalia leaves towards the North gate, when some guards start to point at her and come towards her, holding her and pulling her immobilizing her. Not understanding the situation, Atalia tries to explain that she was taking a message from the vice-captain to Jonas, who is at the mill north of there. But the guards don’t listen to her, they take her dagger from her belt and take her into custody back to the fortress.

Wherever she went, people looked apprehensively at Atalia, with shocked expressions, pointing at her. Atalia didn’t understand anything that was happening, and she thought it was all a big mistake. Until she was taken to the vice-captain, when she thought things would sort themselves out, as he might as well explain all that misunderstanding.

Next to the vice-captain there were other girls who worked with her during the morning, and the vice-captain asked them about what they saw. And they reported that it had been her, the Indian girl. Atalia didn’t understand what they were talking about when the guard hands the dagger found with her to the vice-captain. And he takes her to the fallen body of the lady who took care of Atalia the day before and that day. The vice-captain with the dagger in hand looks at the body and says that the wound corresponds. Atalia asks what is going on, but the guards tell her to keep quiet, calling her a murderer, searching her completely in front of everyone present, stripping her naked and throwing everything they find to the ground, including the bag with objects, her pendant and her fireflies. The vice-captain takes the bag and confirms that he recognizes those objects, stating that they were stolen and that she must have been trying to escape with them. Atalia doesn’t really understand anything that happens, but asks the vice-captain to explain that it was all a misunderstanding, but he ignores her, saying that it was a mistake to trust a foreigner. That before the witnesses, the flagrante delicto and the murder weapon, there was no doubt that she had been the murderer. Under these conditions, the vice-captain, in front of a gathering of guards and servants, decrees that Atalia will be executed at the end of that day and she is taken to jail until the time of execution arrives.

Atalia was crying uncontrollably, she was completely lost in this situation, not knowing or even understanding anything that had happened. She asked everyone what had happened, who had killed that lady, but the reaction was the same, or they ignored her, or accused her of being a murderer. On the way to the prison, Atalia passed several cells full of prisoners, some with a very frightening appearance, others without a part of the body, she was in a panic at all that. The situation seemed completely lost, when some time later one of the guards came to his cell, carrying his pendant and his two fireflies in his hands.

He stays in front of the cell for a while, watching her, and Atalia withdrawn, naked in the corner, trying to protect herself from his gaze. But the guard tells his two fireflies to go to their master, and the two fireflies take off and go towards Atalia who receives them in the palm of her hand. The guard explains that he was surprised to find another necromancer there and that he would like to hear what she had to say, down to the last detail. For her life could depend on what she knew, even if she didn’t know what she knows.

Atalia was very scared, and said she didn’t know anything, but the guard insisted that she did know and that there was nothing to hide, as her death sentence had already been decreed. Atalia then told everything, in tears, that she had witnessed an adultery, that she was almost killed by the duchess’s bodyguard, that she had fled in fear of being chased, that she had found a house in ruins where she had taken shelter for a few days and everything else. The guard listened attentively, and inquired as to the location of this house, she explained as well as she could, and he asked if she had seen anything strange there, and she said no, except that she had found some bones in the ashes, but she could not say. if they were human. The guard then places his hand over his mouth in amazement at the information. He then asks if she noticed anything, anything at all, odd about the vice-captain? And Atalia reported, she told of the change in his behavior after talking about the hoe, and the guard continued to listen to her very carefully. He ends by asking if she saw anything else strange, and she says that while she was waiting in his office at the time the murder took place, she heard the door unlocking, but she didn’t even know it was locked, and also, she thought she saw another one. Indian woman entering the room, but she doesn’t know, she thinks it was just her impression, because it was the vice-captain, with that black cape.

The guard, after listening to everything she said, was perplexed. Saying that he believes her, that she definitely wasn’t the killer, as several parts of his account fit with some events. Then Atalia smiles hopefully, saying if he’s going to explain to the vice-captain that she’s innocent? If he can save her from that sentence. But the guard reiterates, saying that she will be executed later that day and that there is nothing he can do to stop it, but that he was very grateful for all the information she gave and that it explained many things, including why. of its execution. Atalia gets angry, about his purpose after all, if he didn’t come to help her, what did she want there? And he explains that when she was stripped naked, he noticed the fireflies, and the peculiar pendant, two items that point to her skill with necromancy, and that there is a way in this for her to escape execution alive.

Atalia still doesn’t understand what he means by necromancy, but she listens carefully to how she could save herself from execution. The guard explains that he got permission to extract a confession from her, and that he could use whatever means necessary to do so. Atalia looks scared, questioning, what to confess about? If he knows she’s innocent. The guard then explains that she must confess that she murdered the lady and ask that her execution be by hanging. Atalia continues without understanding anything. The guard says that in the hours that remain until her execution, he will teach her a spell called “survivor” among necromancers, and that this is her only and best alternative.

Atalia agrees, and then the guard takes her to an interrogation room, complete with a large tank of water. He quickly explains that mana is the spiritual energy that all natural beings have, in this case, necromancers are able to use this mana to imitate life, this allows, for example, that their dead fireflies returned to work, compensating for the broken parts with your mana. The “survivor” spell involves her learning to activate mana to mimic life in a situation where her own body would not be able to keep her alive. To learn this spell, she would need to come very close to death and replace her life functions with mana. In case, she would be drowned and when she was about to die with water in her lungs, she should use mana to keep herself functionally alive.

Atalia listened to all of this without understanding half of what was said, but she didn’t feel in a position to question as much new stuff as she could think of in a single day. And that afternoon it began. Drowning session after drowning, Atalia feeling close to death, again and again, and being resuscitated by the guard. The pain of feeling the water entering your lungs and then leaving was immense. She was already exhausted after the first drowning, but the guard insisted that she needed to practice, that she needed to focus on mana activation, that she should remember what she did when she brought the two fireflies back to life. Atalia couldn’t maintain her concentration, but she accepted what he was trying to teach her. And all that afternoon they practiced, and not once did it work.

At the end of the afternoon, the guard explains that there is something else she needs to know about necromancers, which involves the catalyst. All mages have a type of catalyst, which allows them to direct their mana more easily. In this case, necromancers have objects that bring traces of death as a catalyst. Those who were directly or indirectly responsible for human deaths acquire a specific presence that allows them to better direct their mana. Thus, necromancers generally prefer old weapons, which have been passed down through many generations and have been responsible for deaths in many encounters, over newer weapons. Having said that, the guard took the old executioner’s cloak out of her bag, and ordered her to wear it, saying that there is a slightly greater chance of her being able to activate the “survivor”, since both the rope with which she will be hanged and this cloak will act as a catalysts. The chance was still low, but it was her best option.

Atalia thanks her, says she will try and follows the guard into the hall in the presence of the other guards and the vice-captain, who find it strange that she is dressed in that cloak, but the guard explains that he was able to extract a clear confession of the crime committed from her. , that further humiliation would not be necessary. Atalia appeared to be exhausted, indicating to everyone what she had been through until she confessed, with wet hair they imagined she had been drowned and they did not contest her current clothes, she confesses in the presence of everyone that she killed the lady and that she asks for mercy, when she cries out for her execution by hanging. The vice-captain is surprised by the girl’s confession, and accepts her request without question. The guards and servants of the fortress gather outside, in front of an old gallows that was there. Atalia was very apprehensive, afraid, and insecure. Because unlike the last time they tried to kill her, it was in the heat of the moment that everything happened. Now the situation was different, she was going up to be executed, it was something colder, more icy. The vice-captain followed, and read his sentence, with the noose around his neck, Atalia awaited the moment. With her eyes closed, she tries to concentrate on what she felt throughout her brief journey, the cold of death in that stable, the black horse that appeared while she felt herself draining away, the crying in that cemetery, the darkness and fear that she experienced on her first night. in the forest. It was an immense compilation of emotions, always linked to that feeling that death was there, that cold breeze, and at the same time calm, like a river of waters that washed you from the filth of an entire world, that soft hair of the black horse that visited her between life and death. All this, along with the hope of seeing your firefly emerge in the most complete, cold and lonely darkness. What a pleasure it was, using her mana to bring back that creature so perfect, who came to light up his dark night a second time. Atalia was ready, and the gallows lever was about to be pulled as well.

  • Moment of the test: Wearing the executioner’s cloak, and with the old gallows rope around her neck, Atalia felt the sweet presence of death around her, with her eyes closed she was not afraid, only hopeful. From 0.01 – 0.20 Atalia activates the “survivor”, from 0.21 – 1.00 Atalia’s adventure ends here: 0.47.
  • Result! The trapdoor opens and Atalia falls with the rope around her neck.


When I set out to write/play this narrative, it was an idea I had in mind for a long time. Thinking about how cool it would be, the adventures that would occur, the developments that the story would have. I really didn’t expect it to end like this. With each part, I thought about what could happen, in Atalia stabilizing herself for some time in a region, making friends, finding out about her powers… kind of an adventure that I would like to play/live. But that’s not how things happened, and this has also disappointed me several times playing RPG. I created a character thinking about everything he could live, be, achieve… and some tests just didn’t cooperate, or I was too confident that moderate risk situations would end well.

Just to share my thoughts on this last part: The vice-captain was a Doopelganger (a creature capable of altering its appearance to other people), so he came to kill the former vice-captain and take his place. That house in ruins where Atalia took shelter was the vice-captain’s house, which the Doopelganger killed and burned down with the intention of hiding the real body. After finding her for the second time near there, and realizing that she could have searched the rubble and found the bones of the original, he was afraid of having her identity discovered. That’s why he welcomed the girl into the fortress, and the next morning he went to the rubble to check. There he found the bones taken from the ashes, and he was sure that it was Atalia who found them. Immediately plotting a way to eliminate the person she talked to the day before (the lady) and frame the girl for a crime that would sentence her to death.

One of the guards there is a necromancer, who notices during Atalia’s search that she is carrying two reanimated fireflies and a pendant with traces of death on it. When talking to the girl, the guard understands that she is in fact a necromancer and that pendant is linked to the death of the real vice-captain. That is, there is a trace of death linking the pendant to the vice-captain’s killer, in this case, the Doopelganger, and this can be used to find him, regardless of what he looks like. The guard decides to help Atalia escape death, because he wants her as his apprentice and helper, since the guard aspires to kill the Doopelganger and then revive him, having him under his control and being able to use from this revived being, his powers. disguise skills. The guard tries to teach the “survivor” technique in the short time available, and equips Atalia with items that could facilitate the performance of that technique, but she fails and is unable to activate the technique at the time of hanging.

As I mentioned, this was not what I expected, although I consider having achieved the proposed objectives by starting this narrative/game sincerely. The test results were unchanged, and once the conditions were set, the result was a surprise even to me. I may have tried to offer conditions for her to escape, conditions for her to have better resources and stand out in the face of some problems, but I did not control or prevent the way events followed. It was tough releasing the last test… as I really didn’t want this to be the end.

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