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Welcome to the Brazillion Thoughts, the blog that contains the best texts in ScienceBlogs Brazil translated to English.

One of the reasons we have decided to become ScienceBlogs Brazil was the opportunity to bring the perspective of Brazillian scientific bloggers to the rest of the world. However we could not just start blogging in English, as our main mission is to communicate Science to Portuguese-speaking communities and automatic translators, such as the one from Google, are still not good enough to correctly translate all the subtleties and humor of our texts. Portuguese grammar seems to be particularly hard to be understood by a bot.

The solution was to make a blog in our site exclusively in English that will have translated posts from our blogs. We intent to write here the best posts from ScienceBlogs Brazil and use this blog as an useful channel to spread the qualities and problems of the Science developed here.

We hope our thoughts will be interesting to the English-speaking blogging community. We also hope our voices will be read by people from different cultural background and the discussions will be useful to show what is to be a Science enthusiast in a country like Brazil.


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  1. Kelly disse:

    Thank you so much for the translation! You are correct that bots do wierd things with Portugese. It is really interesting to read what is going on in SB Brazil. 🙂

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