Coming soon: the ScienceBlogs Brazil´s blog in English

Hello, global audience, welcome to ScienceBlogs Brazil! This is my blog, “Universo Físico”, that means “physical universe” in Portuguese. As a former physics graduate student turned a science writer, most of my posts deals with physical science although I am interested in all branches of science.

Since August 2008, I have been part of the only science blogging community in Portuguese, that we called “Lablogatórios” (lablogatories), created in part inspired by the ScienceBlogs community. Before that, there were Brazilian science bloggers scattered out there but we didn´t know each other. Once, Carl Zimmer asked in The Loom about science bloggers around the world if English speak science bloggers are too first-world-centered; it was in the comment section of this Zimmer´s post that I discovered an excellent Brazilian science blog called Geófagos. It was the first time I realized that there are others science bloggers in Brazil! Then soon, I was reached by Carlos Hotta and Atila Iamarino that invited me to participate of “Lablogatórios”.

Now, we started a partnership with Seed Media Group and “Lablogatórios” became ScienceBlogs Brazil. As Hotta and Iamarino said, we hope that “ScienceBlogs Brazil will turn our local voices into global ones.”

All my posts so far are written in Portuguese and will continue to be written in this language, the last flower of Latium, for three main reasons. First, you English speakers have already a lot of relatively good science writing sources when compared with my fellow Brazilian citizens; most of them don´t speak English and rely on awful churnalistic translations. Second, while I keep studying it (afterall, besides complains, it is the lingua franca of Science), I´m still struggling with English — writing in English still feels to me like being a pianist having to play a violin concerto. Finally, I really enjoy write in Portuguese.

But if you are still curious to know what we Brazilian ScienceBloggers are discussing, and want to know more about Brazil, its culture, its people, its landscapes, its fauna and flora, and all about the science made here, keep whatching! We´re planning to launch soon a blog written in English, featuring translations of the best posts of ScienceBlogs Brasil and exclusive photos, videos, articles, essays and stories by our bloggers.

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