Aigisuis… Al Gore über fail

People think about geothermal energy, when they think about it at all, in terms of the hot water bubbling up in some places. But two kilometers or so down, in most places, there are these incredibly hot rocks — ’cause the interior of the earth is extremely hot, several million degrees, and the crust of the earth is hot. And if you go down far enough, you can get so much heat, it can be used to generate steam and make electricity. And they say that here in the United States, we have a 35,000-year supply of energy just from geothermal. And they’ve now figured out how to do the drilling with the new drill bits that don’t melt in that heat, in order to get access to that source of electricity.

“…porque o interior da Terra é extremamente quente, muitos milhões de graus…”

Essa doeu.

Via @Cardoso

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  1. Claudia Chow disse:

    Milhoes de graus?? Q planeta q ele vive? Nao deve ser o mesmo q o meu...

  2. Sibele disse:

    Ahá! Taí porque as calotas polares estão derretendo! 😛

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