Asas Velhas

Megatypus schucherti_wing (Small).jpg

De um tempo em que não eram aves ou mamíferos os voadores.
Outros cavalgavam os ventos, em florestas cerradas.
Com alas imensas.
Ventos passados, outras asas.
“The largest insect to have ever lived was Meganeuropsis permiana, from the Early Permian of Elmo, Kansas, and Midco, Oklahoma (…). This magnificent griffenfly attained wingspans of approximately 710 mm, which dwarfs the largest odonates found today. Protodonatans were almost certainly predaceous, as all nymphal and adult odonates are today.
Most fossils of these insects consist only of wings, but among the few preserved body parts are large, toothed mandibles, enormous compound eyes, and stout legs with spines, thrust forward in a similar manner to Odonata – all indicative of their being aerial predators.”

Evolution of Insects, pp. 175-176

David Grimaldi and Michael S. Engel. Evolution of the Insects. Cambridge University Press 2005

Megatypus schucherti (Meganeuridae: Protodonata), Evolution of the Insects.