Medicina e Pós-modernidade

“Within medicine one response to the relativism and uncertainty created by postmodernism has been to emphasise the evidence on which medicine is based. After all, if there are knowable medical truths “out there” then we should get our act together and apply them. Evidence based medicine promises certainty–do enough MEDLINE searches and you will find the answer to your prayers. Read in this way, evidence based medicine is a reaction to the multiple, fragmented versions of the “truth” which the postmodern world offers. It is also a serious attempt to invent a new language that might reunite the Babel of doctors and patients, managers and consumers. However, an evidence based approach will only work for as long as we all view medicine as “modern”–that is, as making statements about an objective, verifiable external reality. To the postmodernist the question is whose “evidence” is this anyway and whose interests does it promote?”
Paul Hodgkin contesta o “tratamento” de Bruce Charlton. E vai além, chama a atenção para a intromissão da tecnocultura no pensamento médico contemporâneo. Abrindo o caminho para Hofmann.

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