ISMEE's diary. Saturday, October the 30th. Last day.


The last day started with a mix of sadness and joy. Everything had worked out, but it was in the end. Dr. Francesco Dondero started at 10 am speaking on biomarkers, metallothionein and the new field of the “Systems’ Biology”, that promises to integrate all the information produced by the “omics” techniques. Everyone was tired, but they all stayed until the end. As Dr. Antonio Pacheco was still in Arraial, we asked him to substitute one of the absent guests after the lunch, talking about “Multivariate analysis”. At 15:30 pm we started the closing lecture with Dr. John Stegeman talking on “How to trust its data”. Stegeman told stories about how a young scientist overcomes the fear of the impact and the repercussion of new discoveries and learns to differentiate what it is important from what is interesting. All that mixed with an incredible biochemistry lesson. In the end, he spoke on a topic that we should have discussed more: how to publish your data. He gave important tips on how to deal with editors and referees so to favor your odds for publishing the article. And how a high quality English is a fundamental tool in science.
We distributed evaluation forms for the students and then the course certificates. Then we left for the closing party: a fish barbecue in a kiosk at the Forno Beach. After his first caipirinha, Stegeman hugged me and before he could say anything I said “Yes, mission accomplished”! See you next year

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  1. vials disse:

    Sucesso ainda maior em 2011!

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