ISMEE's diary. Wednesday, October the 27th. 5th day.


The day started with another international attraction, Dr. Malin Celander of the Gothenburg University, Sweden. Starting from Cytochrome P450, she gave a tremendous lesson, keeping the students attention despite of the beautiful day outside. More than drug-enzyme interaction, she thought biochemistry. Later, in the evaluation reports, the students would write: “I finally understood how P450 works”. After lunch begun the student seminars, under coordination of professor Marcelo Einicker. Although he is not an ecotoxicologist, he is professor of the Biophysics Institute at the Rio de Janeiro University and knows a lot about physiology and is much, much skilled with students. Meanwhile, I was going to the bank to clear the grant from the CNPq, buy plug adapters, make Internet connection works, beg sailors to really clean up the hall and try to find out if coffee was enough for everyone. It seems that seminaries on the first day were not great and students will need to improve a lot before presenting their work in an international conference. At night Dr. João Paulo Torres, who studies concentrations and transport of organic pollutants in the environment, presented the lecture “Environmental (Un)justice in Brazil”. João is not alone a great researcher, but also a voluptuous reader and not only knows the environmental problems, as they are today, but also its causes and history. He knows also, as all we do, that most of the time there is no lack to solutions for these problems but lack of interest to solve them.

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