ISMEE's diary. Thrusday, October the 28th. 6th day.


The day started with Dra. Silvana Allodi, a professor who I admire for many reasons, but whose energy dedicated science, I really envy. She is a histologist of many talents and in a world where students are getting dependent on technology; I wanted somebody who could show how eosin, hematoxilin and the good old optic microscope still could answer many important questions. In the end, she provoked the students showing an unusual article, winner of the Ignobel prize, about penguins pooh, from the same author that later, actually this year, also won the Nobel Prize.
After the interval it was again my turn and I have that to confess I was nervous. It is not easy to speak in English, easy not to speak in English to high level students, is not easy to speak in English with high level professors in the room. Especially when the topic, “Creative writing in science” is not my main research area. But the lecture ((you can check it on the school’s channel at youtube) was a success.
After lunch, Dr. Marcelo Einicker came back to assume students seminars. This time they were more confident and there were so many questions after the presentations, that schedule was extended a lot. Students were exhausted! I transferred the night lecture to the following morning (after dr. Gilberto Amado-Filho cancelled) and they organized, as deserved, another barbecue.
Just between us, seven bottles of cachaça were consumed in many, many caipirinhas.

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